DTI (Diamond Technology, Inc.) can provide your firm with an entire team of LOCAL (ON-shore) database systems professionals for less than the cost of hiring 1 (one) new IT employee. We work with your existing IT department, acting as an extension of your current team.

Why should your firm consider Diamond Technology? What are the benefits?

  • Our service can be complimentary to your current database & IT technical staff. Your firm can provide more time to current DBA employees for important projects by using DTI for other routine or neglected database maintenance tasks.
  • Your company would have support flexibility when current DBA employees are on sick leave, vacation, or off-site training.
  • For less than the cost of one new/additional DBA employee, your company would be serviced by an entire team of local (ON-shore) DBAs, each bringing to bear a wide variety of skills and experiences in support of your company. Multiple opinions (and multiple “sets of eyes”) result in faster resolution times for reported problems.
  • When a technical employee or contractor leaves their job at your firm, their knowledge and experience of the company’s processes, problems, infrastructure, etc., can no longer be fully leveraged and utilized for the benefit of the company. In comparison, with database support from DTI, that risk is dramatically reduced because knowledge about your company infrastructure would be shared and distributed among DTI’s service team.
  • You can avoid hiring and training costs of new employees and contractors, as well as potential increase in workers compensation and unemployment insurance costs.

For over 17 years, DTI has been providing Database, Software Integration, and other IT services, for hi-tech, healthcare, financial, government, and many other business organizations. We support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and other database applications.

Call us, to discuss how your company could benefit from DTI database development and management support services.

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