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Building secure,
fast and reliable data
systems since 1996

Professional Database Management and IT Consulting Services

Expert knowledge of Oracle,
Access , MySQL and SQL Server

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

Database and Network Setup Configuration

Custom service plans

Customization of Existing Databases

24x7 Remote Monitoring

About Diamond Technology

Diamond Technology’s Database Management Services are created to address the technical challenges that are facing most organizations, today: How to adequately support database infrastructure with a limited budget, finite internal capabilities, and limited resources.

DTI’s Database Management Services enables organizations to overcome these challenges by providing the necessary resources and proven best practices to effectively deliver quality services, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional database employees or contractors. Plus, if vendor security is a concern, our clients can take comfort in our practice of employing On-Shore database professionals.

Diamond Technology provides the expertise and bundled services our clients need to keep their systems running at peak performance at a fraction of the staffing costs. Diamond Technology’s Database Management Services can be customized to fit most any business need, whether it be supplementing current DBA staff or providing for an organization’s complete database administration needs.

Configuration and optimization
Weekly proactive monitoring
Flexible and Scalable Service Plans
Business Hours Support
Around the Clock Monitoring
Team Support from Professional DBAs
Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and MS Access supported


  • Diamond Technology’s Database Management Services benefit our clients by providing a return on investment
  • Reducing the cost of database system downtime, and of a poorly performing database systems
  • Reducing the cost of acquiring, training, and compensating new, additional database employees.
  • Assigning routine database maintenance tasks to DTI can increase efficiency of current DBA employees by giving them more time to focus on other critical business issues?
  • When current DBA employees are on sick leave, vacation, or off-site training, our Database Management Services can provide the necessary interim services at a fraction of the cost of temporary contractors.

Contact us to arrange a Free (1 hour) Consultation for your organization. Call us at 415-422-0074, or email to inquire@diamondti.com

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