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"Responsive, knowledgeable, and flexible service..."

— Program Manager, Serco NA

"Diamond Technology provided valuable solutions and programming ability in support of our project"

— Sr. Applications Developer, San Francisco Int’l Airport

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— VP of Operations Cornerstone Consulting

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Making Business Intelligence Work for You

To ensure the efficient performance of software systems and databases, we start by taking advantage of the client's existing infrastructure to discover more efficient ways to deliver the proper information, in the proper format, to the system stakeholders. Avoiding obstacles created by layers of accumulated, incompatible software systems, requires that you not only compare and analyze which applications are the best tools for accomplishing a specific goal, but also consider the perspectives of employees and other system users as well as stakeholders, especially with regard to current skill sets and training timelines. Additionally, existing legacy data systems that are vital to current reporting processes need to be examined, as well.

With a systems assessment and BI services strategy, your organization can come closer to realizing the full potential of its business systems.

Data Integration

Diamond Technology can customize an Integration Solution for customers who require data integrations that allow their legacy-to-contemporary systems, and heterogeneous systems to communicate with each other. We provide a brokered solution approach (with Oracle or Microsoft solutions) which enable customers to keep their existing systems and use our brokering implementation to seamlessly transfer/store/report/query data that’s being brokered from various internal and external systems.

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